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Low Maintenance Wig | Allison’s Review

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This review was done by one of our influencers, Allison Kroeker.   The Jon Renau Amber wig is a must have! It has the perfect beachy wave pattern, and the colour 12FS8 is beautiful. I love how the roots make it look more natural, and the wig has a lot of dimension. It arrived

Super Straight Synthetic Wig

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Wig of the Week | Code Mono by Ellen Wille If you are looking for a new wig to spruce up your summer look, this is the perfect wig for you. This week we are putting the spotlight on the Code Mono Wig by Ellen Wille: a long, layered, and super straight synthetic wig.  

Medical Hair Loss Solutions

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Hair is the public face of everyone that we come into contact with. One may feel discouraged, lack self-confidence, and lack self-esteem because of their appearance, especially when faced with hair loss. Hair loss can be as a result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia, medications or by natural causes. You may be wondering how

Little known benefits of lace front wigs

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What Is A Lace Front WigLace front wigs are nothing but a welcoming variation of Lace wigs. In fact, they have gained immense popularity among people and clients who usually wear wigs. They are given the name of front lace wigs because the lace which is used to make the wig is placed in the

8 Ways to Secure Your Wig

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Most clients don't wear anything under their wig and it feels completely secure. However, we know that many of you want a bit of added security when you wear your wig. Here are 8 great ways to make your wig feel extra secure.WIG GRIP BANDThis is our most popular way to secure your wig. Perfect