How Often Should I Wash My Wig?


I have to wash my wig as often as I wash my own hair.


How Often Should I Wash My Wig



The general rule of thumb is wash every 7-10 wearings, but it depends on the environment and the amount of styling products you use. If you use styling products like the shaping creme or hairspray on your wig every day, you’ll need to wash and revitalize your wig more often than those who do not use products. Also, if you live in a very rainy or humid climate, you may also need to wash your wig more often.


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Because wigs do not have the benefit of natural oils like our own hair, the less you wash – the better! But wear your wig too long without washing it and it can look old and dingy. To refresh and wash your wigs (whether synthetic or human hair), use BeautiMark brand of shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products.

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