Wig Buyers Guide | How To Put On A Wig

///Wig Buyers Guide | How To Put On A Wig

Wigs.com’s essential guide answers all those common wig questions – even seemingly simple ones such as ‘How do I put on and wear a wig?’ To those who have been wearing wigs for a while, that question may be easy to answer. But for those who are new to wigs or for the first-time wig wearer, we understand that the answer may not be so black and white.


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Watch our ‘How To Put On a Wig‘ video and get a helpful tutorial with tips and tricks for keeping your wig secure, comfortable and looking great.


You’ll learn how to wear a wig if you have long hair…

Putting up Hair

The best accessory options to wear under your wig…

Wig Cap

And how to be sure your wig is worn correctly…

Make sure wig is on correctly!
For more tips and tricks, check out our “How-To” section!
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