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How To Make the Knots Invisible without Bleach or Dye

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        In order to make a wig look natural, many customers like to bleach knots. But actually not all lace wigs can be bleached knots, like 1# and 1b# color units because they are too dark.Now there is another an easy way to make the knots invisible without bleach or dye.also it doesn’t

How To Wear a 360 Lace Wig in a High Ponytail?

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  Before applying a 360 lace wig, you need to cut the extra lace around the perimeter and make sure follow the hairline and don’t cut too much.   1.Apply some Got2B glue in the front hairline and lay the wig to make it not move anywhere2.As 360 lace wigs are already pre-plucked in the


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        1.Braid your natural hair properly 2.Before wearing the lace wig,you had better hydrate your natural hair. We recommend use Creme of Nature Eden Leave-In Conditioner to spray all over. 3.Apply a wig cap which can protect your natural hair.4.Before you cut the lace, you can apply the wig first to try